Blue Marxism; A Ghetto World

Gabor Maté, In The Realm of Hungry Ghost, is a nice reference (never read it). Nietzsche’ s Anti-christ is different than mine, in both path to & identification, I cite Jesus as the anti-christ for reason far different than anyone, ANYONE, ever. I hold Cristiano to originate in central america’s region, guesstimatedly, 30,000-250,000 years ago. It could very well be that those we know as Australian Aborigines are the source of Cristiano. The word was highjacked, intentionally, with great sophistication & prescribed to the Mediterranean region. I draw this from a quip of John Reed’s in Insurgent Mexico [LIBRIVOX!]. This madness culminates in me thus concluding Jesus as the goal of the theft. Therefore, the epitome of the original culture Cristiano was an attribute of, making him, not only the Jews & Israelis’ ‘anti-christ’, but the genuine, authentic, true Anti-Christ. Nietzsche, not Sutton, hold to a humanity that transcends a million or two years, at most. As well as Thoreau & Gabor Mate, too boot. I strongly hold to a biological structure, meaning this current form of human body, as being the same for a minimum of 50 million. Either way, such a view skews the holders perception of reality, as believe it to be defined. Blue Marxism is the Neo-Freemason agenda. Which still is monarch-centric, relying on three key components: sheriffs/police; Esquires/Bar Associates; Mining/Drilling corporations. These are the holiest of holy Trinities. To grasp the carnage & slaughter of this Trinity’s is to abandon all hope of ever returning. Another such trinity is: Pharma; Manufacturing; Transportation. As well as: military; religious; entertainment (politics roves this one). Most focus on politics, making progress only towards the enemy’s strategy. Why someone should be murdered is more important than who. Not knowing the difference is not being a living being. Life is taken from Earth, its never provided, or gifted. If you want to live you must take life, figuratively & literally. This is the premise of Thoreau’s essay, is it not. This is the one key truth Cristiano mastered. Step one: to fight, you must first take your own life. Tecumseh, Chief Logan, Chief Joseph, Vernon Johns, John Brown, Guy Fawkes, & you (which I mean for you to say “me”), are all examples.

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