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Elasticity is the way a material initially responds when it is subjected to stresses. Elasticity refers to the material’s ability to deform in a non-permanent way, meaning that when the stress load is removed from the material it will recover its original form. A material will continue to deform elastically as the stress upon it increases until the elastic limit is reached. The elastic limit can be found on stress-strain diagrams for all materials, and the limit varies by the material. For instance, steel experiences far less stress before reaching the elastic limit than rubber does. Engineers need to refer to stress-strain diagrams, because engineering design usually stays within the limitations of the elastic stresses.


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I’m a certified Math and English teacher for grades 8-12 in Massachusetts. Right now, I focus on gifted students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and mental health challenges who may be underperforming and overstressed in their classes. I can work with you if you have diagnosed LD or simply learn best outside of a traditional lecture and textbook format. If I don’t know about something, I will tell you that openly, I’ll point to where you might be able to find that information, and I’ll learn more about it for next time. I’m strongest as a teacher when I’m working one-on-one and my favorite part of teaching is “diagnosing” where a student’s thinking might be leading them astray (or ahead!)I got my Masters at Harvard in Applied Math, focusing on statistics and advanced mechanics/physics applied to biology. I taught and tutored Organic Chemistry, Precalculus, Calculus, proof-based Linear Algebra and Real Analysis, and Intro to Applied Math (for majors) at Harvard. I also work with student writing for classes, projects and graduate applications as a tutor in my undergraduate house. I’ve tutored everything from 5th grade math to competitive math teams to graduate school pure math and engineering. I’ve worked with Master’s Engineering students studying for the TOEFL alongside high school sophomores in my Saturday volunteer creative writing classes, and I’ve tutored undergraduates at Harvard and helped develop curriculum in proof-based math and numerical experimentation-driven freshman physics.

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